Double-Take: Christian Louboutin Ballalarina

Flat shoes have taken over my closet lately because, let’s face it, they’re much easier to walk in! They’re a gift for commuters who have to walk to bus stops and metro stations. There’s no shortage of style these days either. Sneakers, sandals, loafers, and ballet flats—they all have the potential to look flashy or minimal, edgy or feminine. And we all know I lean towards edgy when it comes to flats! That’s one of the reasons I love Louboutin. His heels are all super sexy for sure, but he brings that vibe to flat shoes as well, making them anything but girly.

The addition of spikes to the Ballalarina caught my eye. I love this take on a feminine flat even though I’m not normally drawn to bows on shoes. They’re sold out pretty much everywhere, but I probably wouldn’t pay for the real deal even if I had the money. However, if you love the style, there is a super cute budget option from Vince Camuto.

The Annaley flat has a bit of a heel, unlike the original design by Louboutin, which gives the shoe a slightly dressy look. From the top and the front, the two look nearly identical. However, the studs on the Annaley are flatter whereas the studs on the Ballalarina are spiked. All in all, a pretty nice double take that doesn’t directly copy the original design. You can’t really go wrong with Vince Camuto because many of their flats are incredibly comfortable! As an added bonus, these come in multiple colors. So if you really like this flat, it’s time to stock up!