Shoe Spotlight: Ankle Straps and Red Soles

These Suzanna flats may look a bit familiar to you…I wrote about them last year in a double-take post. They are an instant classic, flattering and comfortable. Turns out Louboutin created a winner here because they’re constantly in demand. The heeled version continues to be produced over the seasons in different colors and materials, but I haven’t seen the flats in stores since I first spotted them at Saks more than a year ago. You might be able to snag them on the Louboutin site if they have your size, but if not, you’ll have to scour sites like eBay or Poshmark and hope for the best. Which is exactly what I did.

As I mentioned before, they’re my favorite Louboutin style so far and I’ve had my eye on them ever since they came out. I first purchased a pair during the year-end sale at Neiman Marcus for almost half the original price. They only had one pair left in size 36.5. Normally, Louboutin shoes run a bit small, but on first try, they fit me pretty well even though they were a half size smaller than my usual 37. This seemed to good to be true—and unfortunately it was.

If you’re in between sizes like I am, it’s always better to go with the bigger size for flats. Everyone’s feet swell slightly, especially if walking around a lot during the day. For this reason, you do want a little bit of extra wiggle room. So despite the fact that the 36.5 fit me like a glove initially, they ended up feeling uncomfortably snug at the end of the day. I reluctantly sold my pair and crossed my fingers that I’d come across them again, just slightly bigger.

I’d spotted them in various sizes across multiple sites but never in a 37…until about a week ago. I was able to snap these up for a small fraction of the original retail (and also less than what I originally paid on sale!). The pair I found are slightly worn but still in excellent condition. I plan to fix them up myself, so stay tuned for a DIY sole restoration post!