Shoe Review: Ecco Fara

I have a lot heels in my closet, but my sneaker collection is just has expansive. As much as I love a good boost of height, sneakers are more practical for someone who commutes to work by bus or metro. When there’s a lot of walking involved, it’s important to have comfort. Sneakers used to have a bad rap because there wasn’t much more variety than your average running shoe. They tended to made your fashionable outfits look sloppy or lazy. But these days, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The rising popularity of sneakers has led to a variety fun, edgy, and fashionable styles. Some tend to be a little overdone in my opinion, but others manage to find the perfect balance. I bumped into these zippered sneakers at Nordstrom Rack on sale, but you can also find them on Amazon in a few different colors. They are fantastic! Ecco has managed to make an incredibly comfortable pair of stylish sneakers that will work with all your outfits. The zipper takes these a step above your average slip on shoe with just the right touch of edginess, and super soft cushioning is the cherry on top. Grab yourself a pair in classic black or metallic, or opt for the high tops.