Double-Take: Valentino Rockstud Flats

And we’re back with the studs! If you prefer flats over heels, these are definitely a style to consider. In my opinion, the Rockstud flats are probably the best option out of all the studded Valentino styles. They are easily more versatile than the other designs, and definitely amp up the cool factor of an otherwise normal pair of flats. They come in so many great colors as well (red, ivory, and nude). Of course, I wouldn’t want to pay the full retail price for a pair of flats. So it’s great that there are double-takes out there!

These flats by Kaitlyn Pan are an incredibly popular alternative to the original Valentino flats. They look exactly the same in shape and also come in several different color options, most of which mirror color combinations that Valentino has released over the years. According to the description, they’re made of leather as well. So I guess the biggest difference is that they weren’t made in Italy! I don’t have a pair of these myself, but with all the good reviews on Amazon they’re worth checking out. Maybe if the price drops a bit more, I’ll grab a pair in matte black.

These flats by Camssoo are another great double-take. They’re cheaper than the previous pair and made from PU—the perfect option for vegans. I personally don’t like flats made from man-made materials because they make my feet sweat a lot. I usually go for leather or fabric. But if you don’t have a problem, definitely consider these if you’re looking for a studded flat! It might be a good idea to order two sizes if you’re in between though, because according to reviews, sizing can be a bit off.