10 Pairs of Glimmering Boots

According to a short video I recently saw, humans are attracted to glitter because it reminds them of the sparkle of water. And since water is an innate need, maybe glittery shoes are necessary as well? Many designers seemed to think it was a perfect time to bring glitter back in the spotlight, and shiny boots were all over the runways this past season. I don’t think they’ll be going away any time soon, either. Crystals, studs and glitter have been used for pumps and evening sandals for years, so it’s about time the material was translated to boots!

I’m sure you’re all thinking of those jaw-dropping crystal encrusted boots walking down the runway of Saint Laurent right about now. Here’s a reminder in slow motion:

Despite the insane five-figure price tag, these babies are selling out everywhere. If you’ve got the money, grab a pair on Net-a-Porter. Or if you’re an ordinary person with an ordinary budget, check out some of these other glittery options.

If you’re a fan of Steve Madden shoes, you’ve probably already picked up these boots. With a $300 price tag though, they’re not exactly the best bang for your buck (in my opinion). I’ve never found Steve Madden shoes to be comfortable, and these boots have mixed reviews regarding quality of construction and the longevity of the rhinestones.

The better alternative to Steve Madden is the Smashing boot from Stuart Weitzman. Although the sparkle comes from fabric and not a rhinestone application, the glittery boots will definitely make a statement. Normally Stuart Weitzman shoes can get pretty pricey, but this pair happens to be on sale right now for just $310 at Bloomingdale’s. They’re also available in gold. These boots might cost a bit more, but the quality is great. Plus, they’ll have a better resale value!

Next up are these pale silver embellished boots from Aldo. I have trouble with Aldo shoe sizing, but if the brand always works for you, then you should definitely grab this pair. The thinner heel and lighter color give them a slightly daintier look than darker versions. They also have a super cute short boot encrusted with sparkles.

One of the biggest problems with rhinestone shoes is that they have a tendency to fall off, no matter how careful you are—unless they’re secured with a metal backing. However, most budget versions have stones that are glued on so you’ll always run into that problem. An alternative to this is sequins. Because sequins are pieced together into a fabric first, they’re a bit more secure. These boots from Asos are definitely killer. I love that they’re thigh high, and a contrasting chunky heel completes the boot perfectly.

If you’re looking for slouchy but short and with a sleek silhouette, check out the Layzer by Jessica Simpson. I have a feeling these are a much better fit for those with slimmer legs. Reviews are mixed though, so see if you can find them in stock at a store nearby in order to try them on. The silver looks fantastic, but I really love how they look in black.

Retailers consider December and January the “end of the season” but for a lot of people, it’s still boot weather. That’s why it’s a great time to look for bargains! The Carah boot is one of your best options for glittery boots under $100, but snag yours quick because they’re selling out at Nordstrom! Kenneth Cole shoes are generally good quality, I’ve never had a problem with the pairs I’ve owned over the years. These boots are crafted from fabric, so there’s a lot of stretch which is important when it comes to over-the-knee styles. I also love the block heel, which is manageable at just slightly over 3″ tall. If you can’t find them on sale, the regular price is still not too bad. You can also get a shorter style.

You can definitely count on Betsey Johnson to whip up a fantastic pair of glitter boots. Even with a traditional knee-high silhouette, these boots are anything but simple. If you are the kind of person who loves to leave a trail of glitter in your wake, these are the boots for you!

I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 since college because their clothes are just way too short for a taller person like me. But I couldn’t leave out these boots. Just like almost every other pair of shiny boots, these are made of fabric with crystals glued all over. I don’t have personal experience wearing F21 shoes, but these are a great budget option at just $88.

All of the boots I included in the post are some shade of silver like the original Saint Laurent Niki. But I couldn’t leave out this pair of black boots by Report. They’re not tall like the other options, but the shape of the heel is almost identical to the original runway style. Plus, I’m more partial to glittery black boots anyway. They look stunning at night as each rhinestone catches the tiniest hint of light!

Last but not least, I can’t write a post about glittering boots without including the king of glamour, Giuseppe Zanotti. If I had the budget, these amazing boots would be in my closet yesterday. Without the sparkling fabric, they’d look like any other sleek OTK boots. And I think that’s why I love them so much—Zanotti has mastered the perfect balance of sophistication and glamour with this pair.