Shoe Spotlight: Slouchy Suede


There’s a fabulous story that comes with these gorgeous Sergio Rossi boots, and I’ve pretty much told everyone who asks about them.

I found them at a DSW in Chicago (on clearance for a jaw-dropping price). Because I was traveling at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to fit them in my suitcase. So I flew home and a few days later, I was still thinking about them.

I called the store, and amazingly the shoes were still there, so I asked to put them on hold while I tried to find a way to get them. I tweeted at DSW and asked if there was a way to purchase shoes from a store so far away…there is! It’s called DSW Shoephoria, amazing customer service that helps all shoe lovers get their hands on shoes they want. They transferred the shoes to a store near me so I could purchase them.

Why did I go through so much trouble for these boots? Let me begin with the fact that Sergio Rossi boots retail for $1500+ and are beautifully crafted in Italy from luxurious materials. The supple suede hooked me the second I first touched them, the fit is amazing, and I thought I was dreaming when I saw the clearance price of $169 (plus I had $20 in DSW rewards waiting to be used!). Although they’re from a previous season’s collection, the design is simple and timeless. My guess for why they were still on the shelves is this: they are a size 36.5, and the metal ring around the ankle is quite narrow, so only a small foot can squeeze through. Luckily enough, they fit my feet perfectly!