Shoe Spotlight: Strapped in Sparkles

I’ve lusted after so many Casadei styles over the years, and they’re constantly popping up on my wish lists across different websites. Although most Casadei shoes are typically out of my budget, it is possible to find some really great shoes by waiting for seasonal sales or looking for past season styles. With a little bit of patience and a lot of website-stalking, I’ve managed to snag two fantastic pairs so far: the iconic Blade pump, and this dazzling sandal.

I first saw a version of this shoe in tan, but wasn’t immediately drawn to it. I think because the tan color is a little more subdued. However, when I came across the black version on Yoox several months later, I was smitten. They are easily one of the most show-stopping heels I’ve seen. Crystals can sometimes be overdone, yet the tasteful application on the delicate suede construction turns these into a timeless and striking pair of evening shoes.

But these pretty babies weren’t cheap! When the full collection first dropped in 2013, the sandals cost a whopping $2,700. Get this though: I managed to snag them for just $285 two years later during a sale on Yoox. That’s 90% off! Easily the best bargain I’ve gotten on designer heels. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them priced that low, and immediately put them in my cart without thinking twice. These heels are probably the most pampered shoes in my closet—they have never been worn outdoors so they’re still in perfect condition!