Shoe Spotlight: Blue Suede Shoes


When I first spotted these Kate Spade sneakers on the DSW clearance racks in NYC, I thought, “Oh okay, a pair of blue sneakers” and passed by them to try on some other pairs. But I came back to them because I’m always drawn to a bright cobalt color (like these and these). Then I tried them on…and fell in love! The color pops so well against both light and dark colors. They also felt extremely comfortable on my feet the first time I put them on, meaning they wouldn’t require a “breaking in” period (which I don’t believe any shoe should have!). Although I was considering purchasing two different pairs of heels, both of those went back on the shelf and these lovely blue suede shoes came home with me instead (after a little coaxing from my friend). And honestly, these are probably one of the best shoe purchases I’ve made (I probably say that a lot) because they’re practical, comfortable, and still fashionable!