Double-Take: Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt when wedge sneakers caught on as a trend. Nowadays, I just can’t get enough of them! But we all know I tend to lean more towards simple, classic, with just a touch of edge. So most of the wedge sneakers I see out there are way too much and don’t go with the majority of my casual looks. I love this pair by Giuseppe Zanotti.

I only have one pair of wedge sneakers for now, but I’ve been spotting other styles that would integrate quite nicely into my collection. And the majority come from Giuseppe Zanotti (surprise surprise). He’s definitely one of my favorite designers; apparently I favor Italian shoe designers more than any others. But as much as I love his creations, I can hardly even afford them on clearance. Luckily, Steve Madden has been on a roll with double-takes lately (more on that coming soon!) and I found several that look quite like the originals that I love so much:


Though not exactly the same, the style and structure of this wedge along mimics the original design by Giuseppe Zanotti. I spotted these at DSW and immediately tried them on. They’re very true to size and quite comfortable! But I’m hoping for the price to drop a bit before I grab them; $80 is way too much for sneakers in my opinion.


Although I’m not much into fringed styles, I think these would be super cute with the right outfit.


The Steve Madden version is pretty much the exact same thing! You can get them at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Macy’s.


How fabulous are these? If the crystals were any other color, I would say the design was gaudy, but because it’s black on black, it looks way more sophisticated. I’m seriously in love! These are available on Forzieri, Neiman Marcus, in blue and taupe at Bergdorf’s, Luisa via Roma, and Zappos.


The version from Steve Madden is nearly identical, and from far away, I doubt many could tell the difference. However, these are made with two different materials in comparison to the all-suede construction of the pair by Giuseppe Zanotti. You can get these on Amazon,, and Nordstrom.