Double-Take: Christian Louboutin Summerisma

When talking about designer shoes, most people’s minds jump immediately to Christian Louboutin. And although some of his styles are way too much for my taste, I do love his more classic styles and the occasional fantasy creation. The Summerissima grabbed my attention because of the extremely versatile color palette and shape. I love a strappy high heel, and these combine all the best elements: a walkable platform, thick toe strap, and secure ankle straps. This particular pair is past season (I believe last summer) but the double-takes are starting to appear this year! Check out the variations I found.

Victoria's Secret City Sandal

The City Sandal from Victoria’s Secret is probably the closest to the original Louboutins in terms of color and style. The height is pretty high (VS shoes usually are) and the strap structure is all the same. They’re not made of leather though, and I’m not sure how they are in terms of comfort. But if you’re looking for the same style, these would be your best bet!

Kelsi Dagger Mackenna

The Kelsi Dagger Mackenna looks slightly more modest: the heel and platform are not as high, and the shape of the heel turns in slightly. The straps look exactly the same though, and the shoe is available in a couple color combinations on Amazon, Macy’s, and The brand is relatively new; it was launched in 2009 by the same team that also designs Pour La Victoire shoes. Like the sister company, Kelsi Dagger makes shoes that are pretty good quality (I have 3 pairs) but sizing can be tricky.