Visions of Velvet

I’m never one to dive headfirst into a trend, unless it’s something I already love—studs made their way into my closet immediately. But other trends take some time to grow on me. And even then, I often find myself picking it up just as it’s on the way out again. My interest in velvet was merely as a spectator—I liked seeing how others interpreted the fabric, but I wasn’t considering experimenting with it myself. Until I slipped on a pair of Jimmy Choo Annie pumps on sale at Nordstrom. I dipped my toes, quite literally, into the velvety ballet pink heels (also available in green) and didn’t want to take them off.

Velvet is an interesting fabric choice for shoes. It’s a very soft woven fabric cut with a short dense pile. Traditionally made of silk, velvet fabrics can also be made from polyester, nylon, viscose, acetate, or a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. Since they all feel similar, how can you tell what yours is made of? If the label doesn’t say, the price might indicate what you’re dealing with. So if you’re not sure about whether you’ll keep your velvet for a long time, start with cheaper options before splurging.

I’m still iffy about clothing made of velvet, but I’m definitely starting to appreciate footwear in the soft fabric. It’s an interesting and luxurious option if you don’t want to go with leather or satin. It actually reminds me a bit of suede, but softer and fluffier. And because it’s fabric, velvet shoes require little to no break in time.  If you’re ready to try the trend as well, check out some of my favorite styles:

I fell in love with Casadei shoes after they released their first collection of Blade pumps. The silhouette has become iconic, and there’s no mistaking a pair. I’m equally obsessed with the Techno Blade style, which is a slightly updated look to the original classic metal heel. This silvery pair literally made me gasp, and it’s probably the top shoe on my lust list right now! They come in pink, black, or deep blue velvet as well.

The Harlow d’orsay by Sam Edelman in red velvet is a perfect shoe for the holidays. I can see this being worn with short and long dress, or a sleek pair of black pants. Plus, shoes by this brand are usually very comfortable. I’ll be popping into my local DSW soon to see if I can try on a pair. If you have a higher budget, check out the delicious Ania red velvet pump from SJP.

There’s something really alluring about deep blue velvet. It’s regal, sumptuous, and very elegant. This simple boot from Michael Kors caught my eye because of the subtle silver detail at the heel, which pops against the dark fabric. If you’re not into velvet, it also comes in suede and leather.

Not all velvet shoes have to be dainty and feminine. These boots by Calvin Klein will give your outfit an edgier vibe, which is a bit unexpected for a sensuously soft fabric. I’m drawn to this style in black, but it also comes in a rich chocolate brown.

For the long-legged gals, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tall velvet boots. Go thigh high if you dare! I think they can look elegant and sexy with the right outfit. I love the So Me by Aquazzura, but they’re definitely expensive. For budget boots in velvet, check these by Aldo, these from Stradivarius, or these by Sam Edelman.

Even Converse is joining the trend with a variation of their classic chucks in velvet. As much as I love my suede chucks, I don’t think I’ll be getting a velvet pair. The fabric can easily be ruined, so for someone who wears chucks fairly often for city walks and running errands, it’s probably not a good idea.

As for flats? Well there haven’t been very many that caught my eye yet. Velvet flats or mules tend to look like slippers or house shoes. But as soon as I come across a great pair, I’ll let you know.