Shoe Spotlight: Champagne is the New Black

Whenever I get new boots for fall or winter, they always tend to look the same: black, low-to-mid heel, and ankle height. Very practical and timeless. So, despite having a couple different pairs in my closet, there really isn’t that much variation. This year, I thought it might be time for a slight departure. What sparked the idea was spotting these Christian Louboutin boots at Saks—they were the last pair, in my size, and on mega-sale.

Meet the Adox boot. The classic style has a comfortable 85mm heel and slightly loose fit that leaves room for tucking in pants. It’s stunning in black leather, but something about the washed lamé called out to me. You don’t see metallic boots walking down the street every day!  It’s actually the perfect color for someone who loves wearing neutral outfits but wants to add a unique touch. Move over black—it’s time for some champagne.