Shoe Spotlight: Barbie Heels

When I was a little girl, I collected hundreds of little plastic shoes for my Barbies. They had a dream closet filled with various styles in every color of the rainbow. It was magical, and I used to wish I had a fairy dust that could turn those itty bitty shoes into life-size shoes for me to wear. Unfortunately, that wish never came true. But it seems that I never really outgrew my childhood obsession for fancy footwear.

As soon as I spotted the bright fuchsia Bella from Giuseppe Zanotti, those memories came flooding back. They look exactly like something Barbie would wear! I have an Amazon wishlist full of shoes, and when I saw the price for these drop below $150, I snagged the last pair left in my size. The price went back up not too long after, but if you love them, there are still a few sizes left up for grabs!