Shoe Review: Vince Camuto Sandals

I always love a good statement shoe. These can come in many forms: embellished heels, crazy construction, and exotic materials are just a few ways shoe styles can be elevated. But when it comes down to simple sandals, there’s only so much you can do. Unless you’re going for a style with complicated laces and tons of buckles, adding too much can take away from the comfort of a summer sandal.

I always think simple structure is better when it comes to sandals. In hot and humid weather, the last thing you want to do is keep adjusting your shoes because you’re uncomfortable. My biggest peeve is wearing a sandal with multiple straps that slide around and loose form. For that reason, I tend to gravitate towards t-strap silhouettes with no more than two buckles. I actually have very few flat sandals because I’m so picky. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll check out what’s new each season! This year, I spotted these amazing studded sandals from Vince Camuto.

The verdict? They pass the statement shoe test. Studs are always guaranteed to cause a stir. Even though these sandals are little stiff at first, they’re still quite comfortable because there’s padding. If you’re able to, I recommend trying them on before buying. I found that they run about a half size too large.