Double-Take: Christian Louboutin Suzanna

I love the Suzanna by Louboutin. It is probably my most favorite red-soled shoe to date. It’s classic yet modern, ladylike yet edgy. The combination of a thick buckle and thin crossed ankle straps is very flattering, and really elongates the leg. And of course, like almost every other Louboutin pump, this shoe shows a lot of toe cleavage. What I don’t love about it is the price. But luckily there is a fantastic option out there!

If you’re on a budget, Nine West is a great go-to brand for footwear that looks like it could be designer but retails for a lot less—and their sale prices are even better. They have a lot of their own great styles, and they’re also very good at making double-takes. I’ve had good luck shopping at Nine West, and you can find their shoes in department stores, discount retail stores, and a lot of other websites.

The Nine West Nanura pump is strikingly similar to the Suzanna. The biggest difference is that the upper is crafted from both leather and suede, which creates a nice contrast that the original Suzanna doesn’t have. The heel is also lower, which is probably a better option if you don’t love the towering heights of Louboutins. This style also comes in nude or blue. Grab your pair on 6pm or Amazon before they sell out!

I really appreciate that Louboutin created a flat version of the sexy heel. It’s super versatile and the design is a step up from a regular pair of pointy flats. These shoes are great for the summer—open construction and a flexible leather sole make for comfortable walking shoes! You can still get them in black suede or nude leather.

Just like the original designer, Nine West also created a flat following the style of the heels. There are subtle differences: the sole is not a uniform shape like the Louboutins, and the flat heel is exposed rather than covered by the counter. You’re also not going to get toe cleavage with this pair as the vamp rises higher. But they are still a beautiful pair of shoes!