Nordstrom Rack

Tuesday Shoesday: Lady in Red

Enzo Angiolini Nyambi Red Suede

Red shoes are a must-have in every woman’s closet. Although classic pumps are the obvious choice, straps and edgy details are always more interesting. The Nyambi by Enzo Angiolini is a fantastic alternative to tamer styles. The three chunky straps are balanced by a thinner heel, and the zippers are accented with tiny dagger charms. I absolutely love how they look!

Tuesday Shoesday: Green with Envy


I’m not a big shootie person, I don’t really like how they look on me. Since I’m a runner, my calves aren’t exactly bird-like, and my personal opinion is that shooties look better on long, thin legs. Since the tops of shooties and short ankle boots end at just above or just below the ankle, they tend to make average legs look stumpy, especially if you have disproportionately small feet for your height (like me). So I generally stay away from them. However, I couldn’t resist trying on these Michael Kors Brena booties when I spotted them at Nordstrom Rack. They have an old-school Victorian feel, but they’ve been updated with modern metal accents, and I adore the deep green color. They looked as I expected on my feet, so they went back on the shelves for someone else.

Tuesday Shoesday: Buttoned Up


Sorry about the low quality image (my hand was shaking at the awkward ankle). The tone does kind of suit the style of the boots though, doesn’t it? A bit of vintage touch. Anyway, I spotted these gorgeous Stuart Weitzman Spat boots at Nordstrom Rack for the amazing clearance price of $174 (compared to $695 retail). The gold buttons sparkled at me from the shelves and I just had to try them on. They are very comfortable, and extremely easy to walk in despite the height of the heel. There’s a lot of extra cushioning inside, and the thicker heel makes them stable. Although the deal was too good to pass up, I did put them back on the shelves because they were slightly too large on my feet, even with thick socks on. But if you’re lucky enough to snag them, they’re sure to get you many compliments!

Tuesday Shoesday: A Bit of Patent


Ever since the fashion world deemed sneakers cool enough to wear (I think it all started with the ever-popular Isabel Marant wedge sneaker in 2012), there has been a huge increase in the variety of women’s fashion and casual sneakers on the market. This is definitely a good thing in my opinion, as we fashionistas can’t live in heels and ballet slippers all the time.

Before adding some wedge sneakers to my closet, I had only three pairs of casual shoes: black and white Pumas, black and white Converse, and my gym shoes. Now my collection has increased because there are many “cool” sneakers out there for women. I spotted the these Michael Kors Fulton sneakers (above) at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for $70. They aren’t quite my style, but I felt a strange attraction to them…I think it was the combination of black and gold patent leather. Although I liked them, I didn’t quite love them, so they didn’t come home with me. But I have discovered many other styles that I do love from Michael Kors, so I just need to wait until they find their way into my closet.

Tuesday Shoesday: Fun Flats


I’m currently (albeit a bit slowly) working on building a diverse and fun collection of flats. I judge all shoes based on comfort before I purchase them, but flats have to be extra comfortable. So it always takes me a while to find ones that are both fashionable and comfortable to my taste levels. I spotted these on a friend at work and thought they were absolutely fabulous. Leopard print and sparkling studs, could it get any better? This particular pair is from H&M (similar here), so I stopped in one evening to check out their selection. They aren’t ridiculously overpriced (an average of $25 for flats) but for the amount of wear I’d give them, they didn’t seem like they would hold up. So I passed on this pair, but I have my eye on a different pair by Vince Camuto that I spotted at Nordstrom Rack…just waiting for the price to go down.


Double-Take: Brian Atwood Hester

If you’re looking for whimsical and glamorous shoes with sex appeal, look no further than Brian Atwood. He was the first American ever hired by Versace, and he fine-tuned his skills for 9 years before conceiving his own label. Atwood’s shoes are regularly worn by celebrities on the red carpet, and he also has a slightly (but just barely) more affordable diffusion line, B by Brian Atwood, that us budget shoe-lovers can have access to. It’s usually easier to get your hands on his shoes if they’re on sale, which I’ve seen at Nordstrom Rack, Off Fifth, and Last Call. Or you can keep an eye out for double-takes. The Helice sandal from Ivanka Trump looks very similar to Hester by Brian Atwood. Both pairs have an ankle strap, a straight heel, and crossed straps at the toe. The major difference is the heel shape and the fact that the center straps on the Helice cross while the center straps on the Hester join together. Either way, both are very nice, but one is much more affordable. Plus, Ivanka Trump shoes are high quality and usually quite comfortable, so you’re still getting a great pair of shoes!

Ivanka Trump Helice (Amazon, Piperlime, 6pm)

Double-Take: B Brian Atwood Franciska

 B Brian Atwood Franciska

The only B by Brian Atwood shoe I’ve tried on was a pair of Bambola peep-toe pumps. And despite the seemingly uncomfortable height, the shoes were probably one of the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever had on my feet. I’m sure the Franciska fits just as well. Brian Atwood is one of those shoe designers who believes a shoe should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. His collections are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and bold color combinations. Although many of the shoes in his collections are tastefully designed with platforms, there are several beautiful single sole designs as well. The B by Brian Atwood collection is the lower-priced contemporary line, but still a bit pricey. However, there are double-takes out there!
Enzo Angiolini Loveutoo
Enzo Angiolini Loveutoo (6pm, Amazon, DSW, Nordstrom)
I haven’t tried this particular pair, but Enzo Angiolini shoes are generally very good quality and will last you a while for a lot less than the designer pair. There has been quite an upsurge in stylish shoes from this brand, which you can find at several department stores as well as off-price retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. I’ve been eying a few pairs lately, we’ll see what happens!

Tuesday Shoesday: Peep-toes for Spring.


I bought these in February and have been waiting impatiently for spring to wear them. I’m not sure what the retail price is, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack for an unbelievable price! I literally did a little dance in the aisle.

It’s not very common to find luxury designer shoes at my local Rack (the designer collection usually consists of Coach, Via Spiga, Kors, and Stuart Weitzman), but occasionally a few stunners will find their way onto the shelves. I’ve seen Jimmy Choo, B Brian Atwood, and a lone pair of Manolos. They’re usually past season, but it doesn’t bother me since I don’t believe in wearing something for just one season. Some Rack stores have a much better selection, so call the ones closest to you to find out! So far, the best one I’ve been to is the Rack on State St. in Chicago. I saw many high-end shoes there, some were priced pretty normally while others were marked down far below retail. You’re most likely to find a good deal if you have super small feet or super large feet because the average sizes sell out very quickly. And if the stars are aligned just right, I’ve heard it’s possible to score a pair of Louboutins!