Lace Up

Shoe of the Day: Straight-Laced


I’m a sucker for ankle boots with interesting details…and the fact that these are made by Sergio Rossi (The Outnet) pretty much seals the deal. Those Italians sure know what to do with shoes! I love the asymmetric lacing on the heel, exposing the embossed texture underneath. I almost wish that the color peeking out from beneath the black was more vibrant, like cobalt blue or yellow. Either way, these are a stunning example of what a unique ankle boot should look like!


Zara’s Fall 2013 Shoe Collection.

Every season, Zara is one of the first mass retailers to provide us normal folk with current, on trend clothing and accessories which closely follow designs that were seen on the runways. Now that it’s September and the fall fashion season has officially begun, I decided to narrow down the extensive Zara Fall 2013 shoe collection to a few of my favorite pieces.

The beauty of the Zara brand is that they provide styles in various price ranges, making them available to a variety of customers. Unfortunately, this can sometimes determine the quality of the item. I personally don’t own anything from Zara (not yet anyway) because I’ve never found something that was worth the ticket price. And when things go on sale, they’re snatched up pretty fast. Perhaps I’ll own something from them someday, but for now I’ll just look to them for inspiration.

I love the simplicity of this ankle boot. It’s available in two colors, which both look very sophisticated and clean. It’s a style that will never look out of date.

Suede Flat with Bow $90
These flats are seriously the most adorable flats I’ve ever seen. The front reminds me of a pair of heeled pumps from Louboutin. I’ll definitely be looking for these on sale; $90 for a pair of flats, even if they are mostly leather, is still a bit too much in my opinion.

Lace-Up Ankle Boot $90
These shoes fall into the hybrid category that’s so popular this season. Part boot and part sandal, these can be worn for multiple seasons.

Pump with Ankle Straps $100

Rhinestone Flat $100

Ankle Boot Sandal $129

Flat with Straps $100
I love the unique strap detail on these crystal encrusted flats. They’re perfect for jazzing up you day outfit, or for those evenings when you don’t quite feel like wearing heels.

Leopard Flat $80
Animal prints are back this fall, and these are a cute way to incorporate the trend. Both the black and navy versions are perfect for the office or with jeans for a more casual look.

Court Shoe with Straps $70

Flat with Ankle Strap $40
With their very timeless design, and low price, these flats will probably make their way into many shoe closets. I’m debating whether to make the trip into downtown Philly to try these on at the Zara store. Although I know my size in Zara shoes, these are not leather and therefore might be a smidge tighter than leather, which stretches out.

Double-Take: Jimmy Choo Gail

Jimmy Choo Gail

I’m not sure what it is about lace up heels that I like so much; maybe it’s because the fit can be customized, or because they look edgy and ethnic at the same time, or maybe it’s just because they look different than your everyday pump.

The Jimmy Choo Gail caught my eye some time ago because it’s a shoe and a sandal at the same time. Pretty cool, right? The style also came in printed pony hair, which I loved even more. The Gail sometimes masquerades as the Gladys sandal because they look similar, but the heel heights are different. 

Just recently, I came across a double-take by Victoria’s Secret. I must say, they’ve really been stepping up their game in the shoe department. In the past, the shoes in their catalog and on the website usually consisted of sexy, impractical, and ridiculously high heels. While some of these styles remain (I mean, it wouldn’t be VS without) the majority of the collection this fall is subdued, mature, and elegant. It’s like VS grew up or something. Anyway, I digress. The Jimmy Choo double-take from VS, called simply Lace Up Sandal, comes in ruby wine and black suede. And honestly, I love the shape way more than the Gail, especially the straight heel. They are a bit pricey at $128 (which is still less than Jimmy Choo would cost you) but VS prices do drop considerably at the end of the season, so cross your fingers that they’ll still be available then!

Victoria’s Secret Lace Up Sandal