B by Brian Atwood

Tuesday Shoesday: Heavy Furs

B Brian Atwood Taralle Fur Boots

If you’re as obsessed with TJ Maxx as I am, you probably already know about their Access Program. I love getting invited to shop at private parties, especially when they get truckloads of new seasonal items. You get first dibs on everything! I went this past weekend, and stumbled upon these magnificent boots. I just had to try them on. They’re chunky, furry, and totally bad-ass. Seriously though, I felt like an invincible woman of power while wearing them, most likely due to the six inch heel and heavy feel. But although they were fantastic, I definitely didn’t need another pair of boots, especially considering I already had two others in my cart! If they’re what you’re looking for though, pop into your local store and see if there’s a pair hanging out on the shelves.


Double-Take: B Brian Atwood Laplata

Laser technology allows for intricate detailing in the production of many goods, and I’m glad it’s being used more often for shoe design. Designers can craft styles with really unique shapes and patterns, turning shoes into works of art. The geometric detail in these Brian Atwood sandals makes them a great statement piece.


Serious Sale: Brian Atwood Bargains

I love clearance and final reductions, this means you can find fantastic shoes for the lowest of the low prices. But you’ve got to make decisions quickly because stuff sells in a snap! This morning I got a mouth-watering email: Brian Atwood Reductions. It pointed to some seriously reduced lust-worthy footwear, with prices so tempting that I wanted to load up my cart with fabulous footwear that I probably wouldn’t even have an occasion to wear.


Seriously sexy strappy sandals! The Alyssa is definitely a statement-making shoe. I’d love to adopt a pair of these, if only the fee was a little bit lower.



Double-Take: B Brian Atwood Linscott

B Brian Atwood Linscott (6pm
If done nicely, a shoe designed with mesh can look really cool. The Linscott pump by B Brian Atwood is a great example of a beautiful design using leather and mesh to create an illusion of floating elements. I love the perfectly straight heel, the delicate ankle strap, and the leaf-like details. I’m not sure how strong the mesh is, but this particular style looks like it’ll hold your foot securely. The price has been steadily dropping on 6pm (they originally retail for $450), which is actually good for those who’d prefer the real deal, but in case you’d like a more budget-friendly version, check out these from Anne Michelle:
Anne Michell Rapture-33 (Lulus, UrbanOG)


Double-Take: B Brian Atwood Franciska

 B Brian Atwood Franciska

The only B by Brian Atwood shoe I’ve tried on was a pair of Bambola peep-toe pumps. And despite the seemingly uncomfortable height, the shoes were probably one of the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever had on my feet. I’m sure the Franciska fits just as well. Brian Atwood is one of those shoe designers who believes a shoe should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. His collections are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and bold color combinations. Although many of the shoes in his collections are tastefully designed with platforms, there are several beautiful single sole designs as well. The B by Brian Atwood collection is the lower-priced contemporary line, but still a bit pricey. However, there are double-takes out there!
Enzo Angiolini Loveutoo
Enzo Angiolini Loveutoo (6pm, Amazon, DSW, Nordstrom)
I haven’t tried this particular pair, but Enzo Angiolini shoes are generally very good quality and will last you a while for a lot less than the designer pair. There has been quite an upsurge in stylish shoes from this brand, which you can find at several department stores as well as off-price retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. I’ve been eying a few pairs lately, we’ll see what happens!