Double-Take: Saint Laurent T-Strap Pumps

There are so many great shoes from Saint Laurent, it’s hard to choose a favorite! The Tribute pumps and sandals are quite popular, but I actually prefer some of the other styles, like the Paris pumps. Saint Laurent does a great job of merging classic, edgy, sexy, and modern elements all into one design.

This white t-strap pump (last seen on Gilt) is an excellent example of a well-designed shoe. The silhouette and color are timeless, yet the simplicity and clean look make it modern, and the über-high heel adds some definite sex appeal. Perfect for the modern fashionista! However, this particular style is hard to find since it’s from a past season. I last spotted it on Gilt, but even on a flash sale site, the price is too high for a shoe-lover on a budget. I came across a nice double-take from River Island the other day:


The d’orsay silhouette of this pump is a little bit different from the original, but I think it’s a very modern take on the t-strap design. I actually like this version more than the Saint Laurent pump because the shoe is more open and would go great with minimalistic summer dresses. If they go on sale at Asos, I might indulge…