Tuesday Shoesday: On the Wedge


Even though I wasn’t a believer when wedge sneakers were first introduced, I’m most definitely obsessed now. I think I just needed to get used to the idea of a casual shoe with an extra boost of height. The best thing about wedge sneakers is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort if you find the right pair for you. There are thousands of different wedge sneakers out there, but not all of them are comfortable. I find that styles with a three-inch heel or less are easier to walk in for long periods of time. Ones that lace up also allow for a more customized fit. And don’t forget to factor in flexibility and padding, which is paramount to a good sneaker whether it’s flat or heeled.

I plucked these Ash Cool sneakers off the cluttered shelves of Ross in downtown Philly just before Christmas. Originally, I wanted a pair of Bowie sneakers, but I found them less comfortable and more narrow. I really lucked out with these because I found my size mixed in with larger pairs and they were the last left! But don’t worry if you can’t get to Ross, you can also find these on Shopbop, The Outnet, Zappos, and Amazon.

Shoe of the Day: Golden Sprinkles


I currently own three pairs of Vince Camuto shoes, and they’re all extremely comfortable, even the really high heels. So there’s no doubt in my mind that the Follie sneakers (available on ShoeBox and Dillard’s) would probably be one of the best wedge sneakers out there. Even without holding them in my hand, I can tell that the modest 2.75″ heel paired with lacing and padded suede upper adds to the comfort of these shoes. The quilting and teeny studs are such a great detail and add to the uniqueness of these sneakers. If I get a chance to try on a pair, I’ll report back! In the meantime, grab yourself a pair (they’re on sale!) and let me know what you think.

Tuesday Shoesday: Blue Suede Shoes


When I first spotted these Kate Spade sneakers on the DSW clearance racks in NYC, I thought, “Oh okay, a pair of blue sneakers” and passed by them to try on some other pairs. But I came back to them because I’m always drawn to a bright cobalt color (like these and these). Then I tried them on…and fell in love! The color pops so well against both light and dark colors. They also felt extremely comfortable on my feet the first time I put them on, meaning they wouldn’t require a “breaking in” period (which I don’t believe any shoe should have!). Although I was considering purchasing two different pairs of heels, both of those went back on the shelf and these lovely blue suede shoes came home with me instead (after a little coaxing from my friend). And honestly, these are probably one of the best shoe purchases I’ve made (I probably say that a lot) because they’re practical, comfortable, and still fashionable!


Double-Take: Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt when wedge sneakers caught on as a trend. Nowadays, I just can’t get enough of them! But we all know I tend to lean more towards simple, classic, with just a touch of edge. So most of the wedge sneakers I see out there are way too much and don’t go with the majority of my casual looks. I love this pair by Giuseppe Zanotti.


Tuesday Shoesday: A Bit of Patent


Ever since the fashion world deemed sneakers cool enough to wear (I think it all started with the ever-popular Isabel Marant wedge sneaker in 2012), there has been a huge increase in the variety of women’s fashion and casual sneakers on the market. This is definitely a good thing in my opinion, as we fashionistas can’t live in heels and ballet slippers all the time.

Before adding some wedge sneakers to my closet, I had only three pairs of casual shoes: black and white Pumas, black and white Converse, and my gym shoes. Now my collection has increased because there are many “cool” sneakers out there for women. I spotted the these Michael Kors Fulton sneakers (above) at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for $70. They aren’t quite my style, but I felt a strange attraction to them…I think it was the combination of black and gold patent leather. Although I liked them, I didn’t quite love them, so they didn’t come home with me. But I have discovered many other styles that I do love from Michael Kors, so I just need to wait until they find their way into my closet.

Shoe of the Day: Wild Thing


I know I already have leopard hi-top sneakers, but these by Michael Kors are seriously calling my name. There’s a whole “cool sneakers” thing going on lately, and I’ve seen so many great styles. Modern sneakers with different materials and details are a great way to stay fashionable and comfortable, something the fashion world is realizing. Not all women want to wear heels, and it’s great that a huge variety of awesome sneakers has hit the market. I blame sneaker wedges for starting the trend, but I’m not upset about it because I’m guilty of owning a pair. They’re definitely the most comfortable heeled shoes that I own. I’ve already got my eye on another pair of wedge sneakers, but we’ll see if I get them…I’d rather save and splurge the black version of these.

Tuesday Shoesday: Spotted


I’ve always loved leopard print; when I was 11, I asked my mom to make me a leopard skirt, top, and dress. I still have the skirt actually! It fits, but it’s much shorter on me now. Anyway, my infatuation with spots has carried through into my current wardrobe, albeit in a more refined way than when I was younger. The first leopard shoes in my shoe collection came in the form of pumps, and now I’ve added these sneakers. It took me quite some time to find the perfect pair of flat leopard high-tops, considering the trend lately has been wedge sneakers, but good things come to those who wait! I finally snagged this pair of Pour La Victoire sneakers (85% off!) on MyHabit during one of their sales. I didn’t even think twice about pressing the checkout button!

Tuesday Shoesday: Good mood sneakers!


Say hello to my fabulous new sneakers! Isn’t the color grand? I get excited for my workout every time I put them on. These are ASICS GT 2000 running shoes. I actually spent more on these than most of the other shoes in my closet, but it wasn’t an upsetting revelation because good sneakers are very important for a runner. I’ve been running in ASICS for a very long time, they’ve been my favorites since track in high school. The GT 2000 is amazing because it’s very light on the foot, but great on impact because of the excellent cushioning. It also has memory foam padding around the ankle for a better, more customized fit. And I’m super excited that I found them in purple!

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