Tuesday Shoesday: Silver Pumps


Silver is great as a neutral, and in the form of a basic pump, the color works wonders for dressing up casual and work outfits. This pair of pumps (from ShoeMint during one their super sales), caught my eye not just because of the metallic color, but also because the shape of the shoe is strikingly similar to other classic pumps, such as the Manolo BB or Louboutin Pigalle (though with less toe-cleavage). The only thing I don’t like about these is that they wrinkle easily and, although they are leather, feel quite stiff on the foot.

Tuesday Shoesday: A Slice of Orange


A lot of my shoes have a story, and these are no different. Last summer, I bought this pair of gorgeous sandals by Elizabeth and James even though they were far out of my budget. When my boyfriend saw them, he convinced me to return them. I thought “Okay, maybe I’m not meant to have them at this time” and with my boyfriend by my side, I returned them to the store. But I came back the next day after work to see if they were still there (and hoping they miraculously went on sale.) Unfortunately they were not there, and it seemed to be a case of non-shoerendipity.

Fast-forward a month to my birthday. My boyfriend had moved for work, but he called and told me to look in a specific box in my storage closet to find my present. To my surprise, I found the very pair he made me return! During the whole month that I thought of them as “the shoes that got away,” they were sitting in my apartment patiently waiting for me to discover them. Turns out my boyfriend snuck out the morning after I returned the shoes and bought them again. It was an amazing surprise and one of the best birthday presents.


Tuesday Shoesday: Candy Red


Every girl needs a pair of candy-red pumps in her closet! Even though these Giuseppe Zanotti pumps make me think of pin-up girls, red is a surprisingly versatile color. It’s great for a color-blocked outfit, or to add a pop of color to monochrome and neutral outfits. I think wearing red pumps with blue jeans and a white button up top is a great way to bring a little extra oomph to a casual outfit!

Tuesday Shoesday: Nine West Ambre


I’m really happy about the black and white trend for this spring. Patterned or color-blocked shoes in black and white are extremely versatile because they’re neutrals that go with any outfit. I saw these shoes at DSW for $69.95, and I’m mad at myself for not getting them the moment I saw them because they’re now sold out in my size thanks to recent DSW adds which featured this shoe.

The Ambre has super cushioning in the ball-of-foot area, and the straps keep your ankle stable. If you’re lucky, you can still snag them on the clearance racks for even less. They also come in gold. Funnily enough, the shoe is still available online at DSW under Bandolino Alelia for $69.95, however, it’s made of different materials. In stores, the Ambre is labeled as having a leather upper, while the Alelia is labeled as faux leather online. So what’s this phenomenon all about? I did a little research.


The Single Sole Shoe

Put away your platforms, ladylike is making a comeback!

Spring is finally here, and I’m especially excited that single-sole heels are huge this season. There’s only so high you can go with a platform before it becomes too much. Although platforms can give you Amazonian height and make you feel great, it’s much easier to walk in single-sole heel (no clunking noises!). Plus, they just look so much more elegant and refined.

Although there are some nice platform designs out there, the single-sole shoe will always be around. The best shoe designers always have a classic single-sole in their seasonal collections. And some designers stick to what they know works; Manolo Blahnik has never designed a shoe with a platform, he believes single-soled shoes are more comfortable and change the way a woman walks. Those who don’t do the platform thing can be thankful for his consistently classic (and creative!) designs. However, there is a plus side to platform heels: there’s room to sneak in some extra cushioning. Some single-sole shoes are absolutely brutal to the ball of your foot. Look for shoes with hidden platforms if you want the best of both! A pump with a small hidden platform gives you the look of a single sole shoe with the comfort of a platform. Plus, it looks like you’re wearing heels higher than they actually are! Single soled shoes I’m lusting after:

Jimmy Choo Lang


Manolo Blahnik BB


Casadei Valentina

In my opinion, there are only a few well-designed platform pumps out there. I’m a big fan of the YSL Tribtoo. With a straight heel and classic upper shape, the Tribtoo has an air of sophistication that you don’t often see in a platform pump. (Irina from Pour La Victoire is a great alternative to the Tribtoo). I have a feeling this platform style will always be around, but I hope higher and more ridiculous designs will be put on the back burner.

Tuesday Shoesday: Peep-toes for Spring.


I bought these in February and have been waiting impatiently for spring to wear them. I’m not sure what the retail price is, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack for an unbelievable price! I literally did a little dance in the aisle.

It’s not very common to find luxury designer shoes at my local Rack (the designer collection usually consists of Coach, Via Spiga, Kors, and Stuart Weitzman), but occasionally a few stunners will find their way onto the shelves. I’ve seen Jimmy Choo, B Brian Atwood, and a lone pair of Manolos. They’re usually past season, but it doesn’t bother me since I don’t believe in wearing something for just one season. Some Rack stores have a much better selection, so call the ones closest to you to find out! So far, the best one I’ve been to is the Rack on State St. in Chicago. I saw many high-end shoes there, some were priced pretty normally while others were marked down far below retail. You’re most likely to find a good deal if you have super small feet or super large feet because the average sizes sell out very quickly. And if the stars are aligned just right, I’ve heard it’s possible to score a pair of Louboutins!

Tuesday Shoesday: Slouchy Suede


There’s a fabulous story that comes with these gorgeous Sergio Rossi boots, and I’ve pretty much told everyone who asks about them.

I found them at a DSW in Chicago (on clearance for a jaw-dropping price) while shopping with my boyfriend. Because I was traveling at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to fit them in my suitcase. Plus, my boyfriend felt I didn’t need any more shoes. So I flew home and a few days later, I was still thinking about them.


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