Tuesday Shoesday: Fun Flats


I’m currently (albeit a bit slowly) working on building a diverse and fun collection of flats. I judge all shoes based on comfort before I purchase them, but flats have to be extra comfortable. So it always takes me a while to find ones that are both fashionable and comfortable to my taste levels. I spotted these on a friend at work and thought they were absolutely fabulous. Leopard print and sparkling studs, could it get any better? This particular pair is from H&M (similar here), so I stopped in one evening to check out their selection. They aren’t ridiculously overpriced (an average of $25 for flats) but for the amount of wear I’d give them, they didn’t seem like they would hold up. So I passed on this pair, but I have my eye on a different pair by Vince Camuto that I spotted at Nordstrom Rack…just waiting for the price to go down.


Double-Take: Céline Navy Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a great transitional style and perfect for fall. Deep colors, such as brown, navy, and burgundy, are ideal. Whether they’re flat or heeled, they instantly update your wardrobe for the chillier weather. I absolutely love this pair from Céline. The perfectly straight heel, simple silhouette, and just-above-the-ankle shaft work together extremely well to create a basic style that works with literally everything.


Double-Take: Camilla Skovgaard Corner

If you’re looking for shoes with an emphasis on form, materials and style rather than decoration and trends, Camilla Skovgaard shoes are for you. Her footwear is gaining recognition for the stellar combination of contrasting elements. Fluidity and severity paired with edginess and sophistication result in unique and interesting shoes with a lot of wow-factor. One of her trademarks is a saw-tooth sole, which adds an interesting twist to a lot of her more classic styles.

Shoe of the Day: Wild Thing


I know I already have leopard hi-top sneakers, but these by Michael Kors are seriously calling my name. There’s a whole “cool sneakers” thing going on lately, and I’ve seen so many great styles. Modern sneakers with different materials and details are a great way to stay fashionable and comfortable, something the fashion world is realizing. Not all women want to wear heels, and it’s great that a huge variety of awesome sneakers has hit the market. I blame sneaker wedges for starting the trend, but I’m not upset about it because I’m guilty of owning a pair. They’re definitely the most comfortable heeled shoes that I own. I’ve already got my eye on another pair of wedge sneakers, but we’ll see if I get them…I’d rather save and splurge the black version of these.

Tuesday Shoesday: Studly


I think it’s pretty safe to say that I love studded boots, as long as the design isn’t over-the-top-biker-style. So when a friend at work walked in wearing these awesome boots by Steve Madden, I demanded a photo right away. In my opinion, they’re the epitome of fall boots: knee high, zippered, buckled, studded, and brown. She paired them wonderfully with knitted high socks and a skirt. Unfortunately, the boots are from a couple seasons ago so you can’t get the same exact pair, but I did manage to track down another great studded option, also by Steve Madden:


These are available at Zappos, Victoria’s Secret,, and Amazon.

Shoe of the Day: Rustic Roots


I love how popular shooties and booties are this season (there are some seriously cute styles out there right now), but I’ve always preferred short boots that end slightly above the ankle rather than exactly at the ankle. Last year I found an awesome pair of black leather ankle boots with buckles and a 3.5 inch heel. I wear them quite often, and I regret that I didn’t get them in brown as well. But at $100 each, I really couldn’t afford to. Since then, I’ve been searching for a pair of casual short boots in brown. These have exactly everything I’m looking for: suede, short heel, and a cool zipper detail. Unfortunately, they’re out of my price range. But I’ll be keeping an eye on them in case the price drops!


Double-Take: Valentino Rockstud Sandals

Who needs flip-flops if this kind of magical creation exists? I love these sandals (also in pink), I think they’re the epitome of cool summer style. You can get the original Valentino design at MyTheresa and Forward by Elyse Walker. Unfortunately, my pockets don’t run this deep. Luckily, I found what is possibly the best double-take version of a Valentino Rockstud style. The structure, color, and studs on the Denise sandal by Schutz mirror the original. The best part, the lining and upper are 100% leather!



Double-Take: Valentino Rockstud Flats

I think the Rockstud flats are probably the most successful of the studded Valentino styles. They are easily more versatile than the other designs, and definitely amp up the cool factor of an otherwise normal pair of flats. They come in so many great colors as well (pink, yellow, red, and nude)! There are a couple nice double-takes out there of this style.


Tuesday Shoesday: Tied Up


If I could, I’d wear heels all the time because love them so much. But we all know there are many situations where that kind of footwear is completely impractical. Walking around an arboretum would be torturous in heels! However, I don’t let long walking trips deter me from wearing stylish shoes. In my opinion, comfortable flat sandals are always better when compared to flip-flops. I opted for these tie-up gladiator sandals by Pour La Victoire (found at TJ Maxx about 4 years ago) because they have substantial cushioning in the sole and, once tied, they’re very secure on the feet. They were a great choice; my brother and I walked around for about 3 hours and my feet didn’t complain! Plus, they really pulled the outfit together.

Tuesday Shoesday: Spotted


I’ve always loved leopard print; when I was 11, I asked my mom to make me a leopard skirt, top, and dress. I still have the skirt actually! It fits, but it’s much shorter on me now. Anyway, my infatuation with spots has carried through into my current wardrobe, albeit in a more refined way than when I was younger. The first leopard shoes in my shoe collection came in the form of pumps, and now I’ve added these sneakers. It took me quite some time to find the perfect pair of flat leopard high-tops, considering the trend lately has been wedge sneakers, but good things come to those who wait! I finally snagged this pair of Pour La Victoire sneakers (85% off!) on MyHabit during one of their sales. I didn’t even think twice about pressing the checkout button!

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