Shoe of the Day

Shoe of the Day: Evening Glamour


If I ever had to style an outfit for a formal evening event, I would definitely start with the shoes. Depending on my mood, my taste in evening shoes ranges from simple and elegant to glamorous and sexy. These lovely rhinestone sandals from Express fall somewhere in between, which is a very nice mix. The sandal is simple enough to go with anything, but still has at little extra bling to make it stand out.

Shoe of the Day: Evening Minimalism


I enjoy extravagantly designed shoes as much as the next shoe lover, but you can never go wrong with basics. And there’s nothing more basic than a simple pump or minimalistic strappy sandal. Single sole ankle-strap sandals were huge this past spring, but they haven’t gone away yet! This makes me very happy, because as much as it’s fun to wear shoes that are embellished and unique, it’s also necessary to step back and keep it simple from time to time. Zara is very good at offering basic styles at great prices, and this suede sandal is perfect in it’s minimalism.

Shoe of the Day: Scalloped Elegance


While browsing Shoescribe one day, I came across these interesting and uniquely scalloped pumps by Paul Andrew. To be honest, I knew nothing about this designer until I saw these and decided to look him up. And while doing so I managed to fall in love with several shoes in his collections, which are all designed with a sense of elegance, refinement, and imagination. I’m dying to try on a pair (almost all are crafted with a single-sole) because he stated in an interview that a key element he aims for is comfort. Single-soled shoes can be very tiring on the ball-of-foot, so I’m very interested in his unique cushioned construction. If anyone owns a pair or has tried on some of his creations, let me know what you think!

Shoe of the Day: Chain Links


Lately I’ve been crushing on elegant shoes spiced up with chains or studs. My taste usually revolves around sophisticated and understated, but there are ways to sneak in some metal details that still allow the shoe to look refined. I love the subtle detailing on these pumps from Express; it’s just enough to make the shoe stand out without making them an eye-sore with overdone metals. These are perfect for the office as well as a glamorous night out!

Shoe of the Day: Modern Cinderella


I’m a huge fan of Disney movies, and one of my favorites has always been Cinderella. Partially because I’d love to have a bunch of animals help me out every day, but mostly because a pair of shoes changed her life. And any jeweled shoes, tastefully done of course, always catch my eye. It’s like a fantasy waiting to happen; putting them on makes it seem like anything is possible. Sometimes you just need that little extra sparkle in life to lift your mood. I love these gorgeous evening pumps from Rene Caovilla (available on Shoescribe). The blue satin is a great backdrop for the intricate beading and jewels, and the whole design is beautiful and tastefully done. They would look stunning with a short dress or peeking out from beneath a longer hem. For now I’ll keep dreaming, or hope to find a double-take at least!

Shoe of the Day: Darling Flats


Though I don’t normally like styles with bows, I do love these flats from Zara. Not only is the bow small and sophisticated, it’s implemented in an interesting way and not just slapped on there. The front really reminds me of these Louboutin pumps, which may very well be where the inspiration came from. I think these flats are super cute yet very sophisticated at the same time, and they’re probably very comfortable too. This super cute style is also available in blue, but hurry up and grab a pair before your size is sold out!

Shoe of the Day: Sassy Shootie


With a strappy vamp, snakeskin texture, and pointed toe, the Alfie is a great sho0tie option if you’re looking for something a little more edgy and eye-catching. I love this style mostly for the interesting cut out detail, which pairs nicely with the pointed toe. I think they’d be quite fun to wear with colored tights and a dress or skirt! You can find these at DSW.

Shoe of the Day: Embellished


I’ve always been drawn to unique block heel styles. Although a thicker heel on a strappy shoe might sometimes look awkward and unbalanced, it actually helps balance out the shape of the leg, especially if you have thicker calves. (However, for ladies with very slender legs, it might look too cumbersome). These heels from Zara are striking because of the heavy embellishment across the toe strap and down the heel. I can see them being worn with pants for a night on the town, or paired nicely with a dress for the holidays.

Shoe of the Day: Floral Fancies


I don’t usually like shoes with overly girlish details; I hate big bows, and I’m not too keen on flowers either. But occasionally I’ll come across a pair that is just plain beautiful, like these two floral styles from Casadei. The detailing is so exquisite that even the blade heels look less industrial and more delicately feminine. I especially love the gold and silver against the black, it gives the shoes a very glamorous and vintage look. I love how the motif was implemented on both the bootie and pump.


Shoe of the Day: Meshed Out


Metallic shoes can sometimes look over-done and too industrial, but these are quite stunning! I think the fine mesh with solid gold piping creates a stunning, delicate effect. The style of this particular pair is also very simple, sleek, and versatile. Although metallic can be tricky to pair with, these could really be worn with anything and still look great! You can find these at Shopbop, Zappos, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus.

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