Brian Atwood Bargains

I love clearance and final reductions, this means you can find fantastic shoes for the lowest of the low prices. But you’ve got to make decisions quickly because stuff sells in a snap! This morning I got a mouth-watering email: Brian Atwood Reductions. It pointed to some seriously reduced lust-worthy footwear, with prices so tempting that I wanted to load up my cart with fabulous footwear that I probably wouldn’t even have an occasion to wear.


Seriously sexy strappy sandals! The Alyssa is definitely a statement-making shoe. I’d love to adopt a pair of these, if only the fee was a little bit lower.


Leopard and sparkles, who needs more? I’m normally pretty minimalist when it comes to shoes, but I can never resist a leopard shoe. I love that the pattern on the Leida is not simply printed on, it’s actually created from multicolor rhinestones. These definitely belong in my closet…


If you’re going to indulge in some fabulous smoking slippers, why not pick out a pair from the diffusion line? I love the bright blue hue and pony-skin front of the Claudelle, they are sure to stand out! Not to mention, they’re super comfortable.


I am head over heels in love with the Majoy. We already know I have a deep fondness for fluffy footwear, so it was obvious that I’d pick these babies out of the lot almost immediately. Unfortunately, they’re definitely not in my budget (even marked down to $399 from $1995) but a girl can dream, right?


Who doesn’t need a pair (or two!) of classic black pumps in their closet? The Cassandra is simple yet sexy, and has a beautifully curved shape.


And speaking of classics, have you found your Perfect Black Boot yet? Look no further! Aradia is unrivaled in it’s simplicity and glamour. If it weren’t for the similar boots I just got from my mom, I probably would’ve gotten these!So what did I get, you ask? You’ll just have to wait and see!