Double-Take: Valentino Metal Heel Pump

I have five pairs of black pumps. When people ask me why I have so many, I explain that they are all different, which every shoe love knows is the truth. Not all black pumps are the same, therefore it stands to reason that you can’t have just one pair and hope that they function for everything.

My selection ranges from leather with a platform to suede with an ankle strap to single sole with a pointy toe. The only thing I’m missing is pair of black pumps with a peep toe…and I must say that these from Valentino would round out my collection quite nicely. The classic shape paired with the unique metal details along the heel and sole makes them a must-have! But as much as I love them, I simply can’t afford them. Which is why this double-take from Chinese Laundry is so great:


Visually, there seems to be absolutely no difference between the two (makes me wonder how they got away with that). I’m sure once I held each shoe in my hands to compare, there would be a difference in quality and material, but Chinese Laundry does manufacture leather shoes that are quite nice and last a while. These are a great alternative to the real thing!