Double-Take: Christian Louboutin Troop

I fell in love with these ankle boots the first time I saw them. And I almost never fall in love with Louboutin styles unless they’re extremely classic and simple. But something about these called out to me; I’m pretty sure it’s the super-cool woven strap detail on the front with the added buckles.

There’s a taller knee-high version of this boot, but I think the ankle-height one is sleeker and much more sophisticated. It has just enough oomph to be a statement piece, yet is low-key enough to be versatile. I think these would look great with some jeans and a cream colored sweater. But even if I had the money for them, they’re sold out. Luckily, I spotted a double-take today on Hautelook…but you better snag your size before they’re all sold out!


You can fine the Leuven Alexander Livia on HauteLook.