Double-Take: Ralph Lauren Collection Cosima

 Ralph Lauren Collection Cosima (DSW
I firmly believe that one pair of black boots is not enough. Maybe it seems silly to some people, but to me, they’re all different. A girl needs a pair of classic leather boots, and she also needs a pair with buckles and straps and zippers, a pair with high heels, and pair with low heels, a pair with different materials, the list goes on. I personally own only 3 pairs of black boots. Some would say that’s too many, but I think I’m one pair short: a pair of dressier knee-high boots. And if I could get them, I’d definitely buy the Cosima by Ralph Lauren. Since they’re sold out (and out of my budget anyway), I looked around for a double-take. I found the Osaka boot by Cordani, which is still out of my budget but a very nice alternative to the Cosima. The beautiful ankle detail looks very similar, the only noticeable difference is the thickness of the heel. Unless these drop to $100 or less, I won’t be getting them, so my search for a dressy leather knee-high boot continues.

Cordani Osaka (6pm)