Double-Take: Christian Louboutin Pigalle

(Barneys; in black and blue on Net-a-Porter, Saks)
Although I have never particularly loved the more inventive shoes from Louboutin, there are classics that I think are quite scrumptious and will never go out of style. The Pigalle has, in my opinion, the ideal shape for a pump. The curves are sensual and highlight the shape of the foot, and although some people hate toe cleavage, I think a little bit here and there doesn’t hurt anyone. Pigalles have the ability to make your feet look perfect; they ooze glamour, sexuality and confidence. Unfortunately, they also cost and arm and a leg for most people. I would never buy a fake pair, but double-takes are fair game in my books! I’ve found some pumps that have the same effect, minus the red sole:

Truth or Dare by Madonna Lele (Macys; in white on 6pm)
Currently, these are probably the closest you can get in shape and style to the Pigalle. I tried on a hot pink (!) pair at Nordstrom Rack, and they actually look quite fabulous on. There’s even a slight hint of toe cleavage in these. However, the sole is pretty thin but I think add some foot cushions would work perfectly! I had no need for hot pink pumps though, so they didn’t come home with me. 
There are even more of these great double-takes! 


Aldo Frited 
I’ve never really had any luck with Aldo shoes being comfortable on my feet, even though every season there are several styles that I really love. But if they work for you, you’re in luck! The Frited pump has a gorgeous shape and looks very similar to the Pigalle. The most noticeable difference is the thickness of the heel, but who’s going to be looking closely at that?

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked
(Barneys in red, black; Net-a-Porter
The edgy punk spike trend is still having it’s moment because there are so many people that love it, but I’ve had a hard time finding something I absolutely love that looks sophisticated enough without being overdone. Louboutin added spikes to the classic Pigalle and turned it into a shoe that says something completely different. The beauty about this pump is that the spikes are the same color as the rest of the shoe. So although they add a fierce touch, it’s more understated and not an in-your-face-rebellious detail. Of course, it didn’t take long for others to jump on the bandwagon, so there are even more double-take options for this pump than there are for the regular version of the Pigalle.
Truth or Dare by Madonna Panu (6pm
Madonna’s line has a lot of double-takes lately, no? It seems that Louboutin shoes are very inspiring for the brand, although I’m pretty sure she doesn’t actually design them.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Cesis (Macy’s
The Cesis pump is a little more subtle than the Panu. It looks both ladylike and edgy, and it’s even cheaper! I wonder if they’re comfortable…

Bucco Finola (DrJays)

This one is practically sold out, and I’m not surprised. With ShoeDazzle offering stylish shoes at super low prices, and the fact that spikes are a huge trend, these were bound to sell out quickly. The shape is actually quite nice, but I’m not sure about comfort and quality because I’ve never ordered from them.