Shoe Spotlight: Custom Shoes

It’s a particularly special Tuesday Shoesday because I finally get to share the custom shoes I won from Upper Street in May!

Upper Street London is a bespoke shoe designing site where you can get really creative and design the perfect pair of beautiful and unique shoes. I’m guilty of spending countless hours using their shoe designer to create little masterpieces. But my obsession with the site paid off in the end. How? #ShoesDayTuesday…the magical Twitter hashtag.

Every Tuesday, Upper Street gives you a chance to win your own custom shoes. All you have to do is tweet them a photo of your most fabulous shoes with the hashtag, and then cross your fingers! I’ve been sharing my shoes with Upper Street for #ShoesDayShoesday since the beginning, and finally won! My winning shoes were a pair of simple yet fabulous patent red pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti. They are one of two pairs in my closet that are a bit more on the “wild” side, and definitely the brightest pair I own!


I couldn’t concentrate on doing anything for the rest of they day after I found out I won. I was impatient to design the perfect pair of shoes, even though I already had several designs saved in my collection on Upper Street. I ended up creating some additional designs in my virtual collection before finally deciding on ankle-strap heeled sandals. It was the one style that my closet was lacking. I had done extensive searching for the perfect sandals to wear with all my summer dresses, and my winning prize came just in time! I tried out several color combinations, and it was tough to choose because I loved them all. I shared my favorite designs for people to vote, but the deciding factor was my boyfriend’s input; we talked about my top two choices and concluded that the white pair (named Cream & Sugar) was both unique and very versatile.


I was so excited when I finally got the package; it was beautifully wrapped and even included a handwritten note. They also send you an adorable little keychain! The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the amazing smell of the leather; this gets me every time. You can tell a lot about the quality of shoes before wearing them by the feel and smell of the materials. And I wasn’t disappointed with Upper Street.


I absolutely love how my shoes came out; they look just like I pictured they would! The only problem I had was the fit. I have small feet for my stature, but usually standard-width shoes fit about right. With Upper Street, I discovered that I needed a narrow fit. No problem! It was extremely easy to send them back for alterations, and I even got them back faster than I expected. Unfortunately, when I sent them back for alterations, I also returned the little shoe keychain and I didn’t get another one with my altered shoes. But no biggie, the most important thing is that they now fit perfectly!



Whenever I wore this dress before, I had pictured white strappy heels on my feet. Unfortunately, the exact style I wanted seemed to be elusive, until I created them! I’m so glad it’s still summer, these shoes will definitely be seeing a lot of sunshine before I tuck them away for the winter!