Sculpture, Shoe, or…Both?

Are they comfortable? I don’t know. Are they cool? Definitely. 
A great shoe is all about the overall design and fit, in my opinion. Although I don’t know whether these shoes are comfortable or not, the design is, beyond any doubt, fantastic. They bring to mind images of space, architecture, and nature. I personally wouldn’t spend the money (where on earth would I wear them?) but I can definitely see them as collectibles. Coffee table books exist, why not coffee table shoes?
Julian Hakes Mojito
This striking shoe by Julian Hakes consists of a single piece wrapped around the foot with no footplate in-between. Hakes’ idea was sparked by the thought that there is no need for a foot plate in high heels because the foot has it’s own strength and support system. After several concepts and prototypes, the Mojito shoe was born.

Zaha Hadid Nova for United Nude
Zaha Hadid, known for her futuristic buildings, is no novice when it comes to fashion collabs; she has worked with Brazilian footwear label Melissa, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, and Swarovski. It makes sense that she partnered with United Nude’s creative director Rem D. Koolhaas to create these pretty insane yet strangely fabulous heels. The NOVA shoe uses rotation molding, injection molding and vacuum casting in its manufacture. Imagine the reaction from people who see you wearing them! (Available for pre-order on United Nude)

Iris van Herpen x Rem D Koolhaas
For her fifth collection, Iris van Herpen focused on forces of nature, and this is clearly evident in the final design of the shoe. The shoes, inspired by the banyan tree, look naturally grown and when worn, ground the legs to the floor in an entirely different way than normal shoes. She joined forces with Stratasys (leaders in 3D printing) and Rem D Koolhaas to make the shoes a reality. This is the first time Koolhaas has produced and showcased a shoe entirely created with the 3D printing method.