Double-Take: Alexander Wang Lovisa

Alexander Wang Lovisa White Ankle Strap Pump
Available in other colors on: Neiman Marcus, Lyst, Saks, Alexander Wang.

When I spotted and tried on the Nine West Callen last week, it was a déjà vu moment; the silhouette seemed very similar. I was racking my brain that whole day, and finally figured out where I’d seen it before: it’s similar to the gorgeous Alexander Wang Lovisa heel. I love the minimalist design of these shoes; all white, simple construction, low heel. It doesn’t need anything else to be outstanding! They would be equally stunning even without the snakeskin texture. There’s only one thing I don’t like: the price tag.

Nine West Callen (Amazon, Zappos)

I happened to see these at a Nine West store in Philly last week; I fell in love instantly, for the same exact reasons that I love the Lovisa. However, these are much more affordable! And they come in a zillion different colors: pale shades for summer, jewel tones for fall, and the always-classic black. Good luck choosing a pair! They’re extremely comfortable, and the heel is at a friendly 3.25″ height.

Charles Jourdan Honor (AmazonDSW)

There is no exact replica of the Lovisa, but the Honor pump is pretty close! The front of the shoe and the textured leather is what makes these your best bet if you’re looking for something close to the original. They’re not super cheap, but definitely worth the splurge if you absolutely love them!

Asos Sonic

The Sonic pump from Asos is a great option if you want something similar but not exactly the same as the Lovisa. The heel on these is the lowest of all the options (a mere 2.8″) but they still look very sleek in my opinion.

Qupid Potion (UrbanOG, might still be found in DSW stores on clearance racks)

These pumps were quite popular and sold out very quickly on DSW’s website. At $28, they’re affordable and great for a season’s worth of wear even though they aren’t leather. I haven’t tried them on so I’m not sure about comfort, but if price is your deciding factor, give these a shot because they had great reviews!