Shoe Spotlight: A Slice of Orange


A lot of my shoes have a story, and these are no different. Last summer, I bought this pair of gorgeous sandals by Elizabeth and James even though they were far out of my budget. When my boyfriend saw them, he convinced me to return them. I thought “Okay, maybe I’m not meant to have them at this time” and with my boyfriend by my side, I returned them to the store. But I came back the next day after work to see if they were still there (and hoping they miraculously went on sale.) Unfortunately they were not there, and it seemed to be a case of non-shoerendipity.

Fast-forward a month to my birthday. My boyfriend had moved for work, but he called and told me to look in a specific box in my storage closet to find my present. To my surprise, I found the very pair he made me return! During the whole month that I thought of them as “the shoes that got away,” they were sitting in my apartment patiently waiting for me to discover them. Turns out my boyfriend snuck out the morning after I returned the shoes and bought them again. It was an amazing surprise and one of the best birthday presents.