Double-Take: Giuseppe Zanotti Metal Plate Sandal

I love metal details on shoes; studs, metal plates, and large buckles make such a statement. However, it has to be done tastefully and elegantly, otherwise it looks tacky and cheap (I’m sure everyone is familiar with the silly studded sneakers Bieber wears). The Giuseppe Zanotti above is simple, elegant, and just plain cool. The metal plate adds that extra oomph so the sandal doesn’t look like all the other ankle strap sandals out there this season. It’s still available in black and nude if you’re willing to spend your month’s rent, but for those with a little less pocket change, there are alternative options:

Mia Limited Edition Lenny Sandal (Mia, Amazon, DSW)

Although it doesn’t look exactly the same, this is probably the closest you’re going to get to the original. The Lenny sandal has a leather upper with real metal plates, and looks quite luxurious. MLE shoes are usually very good quality, though I’m not sure about the comfort of these because I haven’t tried them on. Lenny is available in black, white, and blue.
 Promise Emerson Sandal (UrbanOG, Lulus)
If you’re looking to save (and only plan on wearing them for a short time), the Emerson sandal from Promise looks very similar to the Zanotti sandal. However, it’s made entirely of synthetic materials, including the “metal” on the heel. I don’t think it looks as elegant as the original, but it’s a nice interpretation of the idea and costs much less.