Double-Take Casadei Blade

I know I’ve said it before (and I’ll probably say it many more times), Casadei has always been on the top of my list of favorite luxe shoe designers. My favorite pair is the Blade, which has become an iconic style seen on many celebrities. The shape simply oozes sex and power, and what woman doesn’t love a shoe which says that? If I ever have $600+ to spare, I might just indulge and purchase a pair of the 4.5″ Blade pumps…but for now, take a look at the double-take options:


The Enzo Angiolini brand always hasa great selection of shoes, and I’ve noticed lately that they also have many shoes that seem to be “inspired by” luxury designer brands. Most Enzo Angiolini shoes are very comfortable, and available in a wide price range. You can get the Infiniti (in black and natural on, 6pm, or Nordstrom.

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Casadei also released a Blade pump with a lower heel, but this one didn’t seem as popular with celebrities. I understand why; most celebrities choose the highest heeled shoes because they don’t have to do much walking. But for those of us who do, the lower heeled pair is more comfortable and practical, and still looks quite stunning. I actually have a pair of these in black (courtesy of RueLaLa) and I absolutely adore them. You can get the pair above on Yoox.

The Guess Marciano Eleana pump is similar to the lower version of Blade, and the price is nicer to your wallet. However, the shape is not quite as sleek and elegant.


I stumbled upon the ankle boot version of the Blade on Yoox; they have a great selection of past season Casadei shoes, which you can sometimes snag for unbelievable prices. The heel on these is also lower, which makes them easier to walk in. I think this would look stunning worn with opaque black tights. The price is still a bit steep though, so I found a double-take.


Once again, Enzo Angiolini has a great double-take version of the Casadei Blade bootie. It’s available in natural and black on 6pm and Amazon, and looks almost exactly like the original.


In my opinion, the ItGirl pump from Nine West was by far the best double-take of the Blade pump because it was beautifully constructed, and quite comfortable even with the ridiculously high heel. Unfortunately, the pair I ordered from Macy’s was irregular, and by the time I exchanged them, they were no longer available in my size. Amazon had them as well, but they sold out rather quick!