The Secrets to Shoe Comfort

It’s always tricky to find “the perfect shoe.” Sometimes one tiny detail is the deal breaker. For me, that detail is overall comfort. Not every shoe is made perfectly—not even expensive designer shoes—so it’s always good to have some tricks up your sleeve!

If your foot slides forward:
Foot Petals (or ball-of-foot cushions) are wonderful for keeping your foot in it’s place. They prevent your foot from sliding forward into the toe box, and add a little cushion (especially in single-sole shoes). They’re also great for taking up a little extra space if the front of your shoe has stretched out.

My favorite are the Pedag Princess inserts, which are made of leather and can be moved around from shoe to shoe. I have these in almost all of my high heeled boots! They work best in closed toed shoes, but they also make an open-toe version (which I haven’t tried yet). If you prefer foam, Fancy Feet makes excellent ball of foot inserts as well.

If your shoe slips off your heel:
Some shoes slip off your heel despite spending time spent finding the perfect fit. Back of heel liners are perfect to add a little extra grip. They also prevent friction blisters and take up space if your shoes are just a tad bit too big.

If your soles are slippery:
Stability is important, and if you find that your shoes are slipping around on the floor, you might want to look into non-slip sole grips. You can grab some online, or head to your favorite cobbler who can attach a more permanent vibram sole.

If your heel hurts:
High heels don’t absorb any shock, so heel cushions or padded full insole inserts can help relieve the pressure on your feet, particularly if you’re standing or walking a lot during the day.

If your feet get chilly:
I’m one of those people whose feet always feel cold, so my absolute favorite shoe addition is the sheepskin insert by Pedag. I put a pair of these in all of my leather boots! Make sure you size up a half size if you plan to do this though, otherwise your shoes will be too tight.

You can combine any of the products above to create an ideal fit. Keep in mind that anything you put inside your shoe for comfort will take up space. If your shoe already fits tightly, adding anything might make them even more uncomfortable. In this case, you’ll have to get them stretched. Always take your shoes to a cobbler for any adjustments that actually change the shape or structure of your shoe.