Schutz Love Affair

I’m not completely loyal to any particular brand or designer, but I do have a few that consistently rate pretty high on my list of favorites. Usually I like a style or two from a designer or brand, and then move on. But occasionally, I keep coming back to see what’s new because I end up liking it so much. This is how my love affair with Schutz started.

I discovered Schutz last summer at Last Call by Neiman Marcus. At the time, there was a really great selection of summer wedges and pumps made of leather. I bought a pair in white. I discovered that they’re extremely comfortable, durable, and high quality shoes, which is how I ended up with three pairs of Schutz shoes within the next few months.

It’s a bit tricky to figure out your Schutz size in the beginning. They’re made in Brazil, and the size conversions are a bit off, especially because they don’t normally have half sizes. But I found that using the EU size printed on the shoe is the best way to find your fit. I’m a EU 37, which in Schutz is converted to a US 6. When I tried on a few size 6 shoes, I found it to be very consistent.

The retail price of Schutz shoes is not cheap, so I always wait for them to go on sale. Schutz currently has only one store location in the US (655 Madison Avenue, New York), but it’s becoming relatively easier to find their shoes online and at off-price retailers (they will occasionally pop up at Marshalls or TJ Maxx). As of right now, Zappos seems to have the most extensive selection. You can also find Schutz on Gilt, Last Call, ShopBop, Amazon, and Piperlime. They have a lot of beautiful designs for this season! Check out my picks below:

Schutz Angelica Metallic Sandal

With the ankle-strap trend going on this season, it makes sense to have a flat version! You can get these on Piperlime or Amazon.

Schutz Sarafina

The Sarafina is dainty and girly, but the metal studs add a bit of edge. Last season, Schutz had a similar style in black and tan (Zara also had their version) but I really like the mint color of these.

Schutz Inaya Colorblock