Real Girl Budget

Shopping doesn’t have to empty your wallet. There are a lot of blogs out there for the fashionista on a “real girl” budget. But when you start seeing posts about buying one item of basic clothing for more than $150, you begin to question what defines a “real girl” budget.

In reality, there is no single answer to that. Having a budget is real enough for almost everybody. In my opinion, a fashionista who has student loan debt, a yearly income on the lower-end of the spectrum, and doesn’t depend on her parents for the means to fuel her passion is about as real as you can get. This is the soil savvy fashionista’s sprout from; make way for the bargain hunters!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being “that girl” who digs through clearance and haggles for lower prices at thrift stores. In fact, scoring a great deal on something is almost as exhilarating as finding something you really want that fits like a dream. I love finding something for an unbelievable price, especially since everything is becoming more expensive these days. I haven’t paid retail for a single item in my closet, and I’m very proud of that.

Whether you have to set a “real girl” budget or don’t have to think twice about shelling out a few hundred for a pair of shoes or a blouse, it’s important to realize that good style can come from anywhere. Sometimes spending a little more is necessary, and sometimes the cheapest finds will end up being a wardrobe staple in your closet. I’ll leave you with a shopping tip I live by: compare the cost of something you want to the cost of things you need every day; your rent, groceries for a week, and your utility bills are good reference points. Then think about how much value it will add to your happiness. Do you still want it?