Discount Digger

People always ask how I’m able to find such amazing bargains on clothing and shoes. My secret? I’m a discount digger…I stalk items in stores, delve into clearance racks, and scour the web for the best deal possible. You can’t be lazy if you want a good deal; it takes a good amount of patience and determination.

Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, quality is key. I’m a perfectionist so, naturally, it spills over into what I look for when I shop for clothes: straight stitches, good proportion, and fabric quality. The same can apply to shoes: sumptuous materials and quality construction, comfort, and proper fit are very important. Of course, with these set standards and a fascination for footwear, it sometimes takes a little more self-control to stay within a budget.

It all starts at determining your standards for cost vs. worth. The amount you’re willing to spend on something should directly correlate with how valuable or useful it is (or will be) to you. Timeless classics, special occasion outfits, and gifts to yourself (but not too frequently!) are examples of splurge situations. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on basics and trends that get used for a short time and then forgotten. It’s always good to hunt for a bargain, even if your bank account doesn’t complain after paying the retail price. 

Clothing and shoes are not all made the same way, but it doesn’t always mean that you should pay more to look fashionable. Certain things, like a good black purse, nicely tailored suit, classic black pumps, and jewelry are worth a bit more. But in general, I find that things I pay less for (like cotton button-up shirts or well-fitting jeans) are the things I wear the most.