Every Shoe Lover has a Beginning

I love walking around barefoot. When I was a kid, I never wore shoes if I could help it. Which always makes me wonder, how did I become so obsessed with shoes? I guess it’s just one of those unanswerable questions.

Even though I was a tomboy (being a middle child with two brothers does that to you), I still snuck into my mother’s closet to try on all her shoes. I was particularly attached to a pair of green suede pumps. I even put on my dad’s shoes when I was a toddler. My parents have photographic evidence of this.

I got my first pair of little-girl-high-heels when I was 9. My dad actually bough them for me because I made a big fuss at the store. They were white leather with an ankle strap and a 2-inch black block heel. I loved them to death and tried to wear them every day. I think after that first pair, I got hooked. So much so that I used to make shoes out of cardboard from cereal boxes and used empty toilet paper rolls for the heel. I was pretty creative with my designs, and they were actually sturdy enough for me to walk in. Of course, I didn’t wear them in public, but it was fun to wander around the house pretending I was shopping in a department store.

So despite my preference to run around barefoot, I’ve somehow developed a strong attachment to shoes, particularly supple suede pumps. I like to think of my obsession as an appreciation for beautiful shapes, materials, and colors. Shoes can be like artwork; some are purely artistic sculptures, and others balance form with function. And since they’re on your feet pretty much every day, why not have a little fun?